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Fleet Management Services

Vehicle Tracking from Quartix

TT-Matics has been a Quartix Sales Partner for over 10 years. The Quartix vehicle tracking system has been installed in over 350,000 vehicles and offers:

  • Access through the Internet. Whether at home, work, or on the move.
  • Speed and ease of use. Quick web access and clear controls make the system extremely simple to use.
  • No hidden costs. Quartix prices are published on the web and there are no hidden warranty, software or service charges.
  • 12-month subscription contracts. We won’t push you into a three-year contract, we’re confident you'll want to stay long-term.
  • Service. We're proud of our service levels and the long-term relationships we keep with our clients.
  • Price. We'll deliver what you need with no unnecessary extra features.

For more information about their products and to see a comparison of features, see the Quartix Products Comparison Chart.

Forward-Facing Cameras from VisionTrack

TT-Matics offer the award-winning VisionTrack forward-facing cameras. Their in-vehicle CCTV technology means that you see exactly what the driver sees and why each event happens. This protects your fleet against exaggerated claims and crash-for-cash scams.

  • All of the VisionTrack cameras can be fitted into any vehicle type. We'll help you to set up quickly and efficiently; ensuring you can carry on with your business, with minimal downtime.
  • VisionTrack’s 4G cameras transmit real-time data to their cloud-based platform, which you can access anywhere, 24/7. All of the data is processed and stored securely on a Microsoft Azure Platform.
  • Email notifications alert users about anything from speeding, sudden shocks and acceleration, to panic button pushes and sharp braking. Technology users can rest assured that in the event of an insurance claim, liability decisions can be concluded quickly and easily. This is owing to having high quality video evidence of what really happened.
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